Category: Tax Season 2020

Five startup costs business owners can deduct

Five startup costs business owners can deduct from their annual income taxes

Small business owners have tons of startup costs and financial obligations when they launch their new businesses. New businesses must ensure they…
2020 tax deadline

2020 tax deadline, should I pay now or later?

The 2020 tax deadline changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This new coronavirus has dramatically decreased economic activity in the United States.…
student tax credit

What are the main student tax credits?

There are two student credits available to help students offset the high costs of higher education. The American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit. Remember that tax…
spouse as dependent

Can I Claim my Spouse as dependent?

Can I claim my spouse as dependent in my tax return? We often get this question from our clients. Many times, customers…
Tax Extenders for 2020 tax season

Tax Extenders for the 2020 Tax Season

There was a very important tax reform last year. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that brought many changes in the tax…
End of year tax planning

End of the year tax planning tips and options

The holiday season is our favorite time of the year because its the time previous to the tax season begins. It works…
Christmas tax advice tax deduction

CHRISTMAS Tax advice: 10 tips to SEIZE your tax deductions

How fast 2019 has passed! As the end of the year approaches, as well as the next tax season, it’s a good…
taxable income

Taxable Income: Key concept for your tax calculations

Taxable income it’s a subject you’ll face at least once a year – even more if you file your taxes quarterly. However,…

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