Business Taxes 101 by Hortencia Torres (ENG)

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The term “Business Taxes” might sound intimidating and can be scary for many entrepreneurs. New laws are implemented every year, and odds are you’re too busy running your company to keep up with the insanely complex tax code.

Regardless, you have to learn the basics if you want your business to survive and achieve the financial objectives set at the beginning.

In our Business Taxes 101 course, Hortencia Torres outlines in a professional and comprehensive webinar:

– The fundamentals of business taxes.

– The difference between a hobby and a business.

– The types of business entities.

– The different Self Employment deductions.

– The best practices for Self Employed Individuals.

– The latest Tax reforms and how these changes impact on the business.

Hortencia´s specialization in taxation and her 25 years of experience working directly with thousands of taxpayers solving doubts, educating and providing solutions for both individual clients and small business to major corporations, makes her a fantastic instructor that will surely solved most of your tax related doubts.

After you finish this course, and once you have a working knowledge of your tax situation, you’ll be able to make the best decisions for your business and avoid getting into legal troubles. Stop being overwhelmed about the Tax laws and start planning for your business to thrive.

What are you waiting to begin your journey to success and achieve your financial freedom?

Enroll to our Business Taxes 101 course now!


Hortencia Torres Hortencia Torres


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