Taxes 101 by Hortencia Torres (ENG)

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In our taxes 101 course, tax expert, Hortencia Torres, presents a professional and comprehensive 45-minute webinar based on local tax laws, preparation, planning and all you need to know about U.S. taxation. Taking the complexity out of tax regulations and requirements, the course focuses on detailed tax standards and associated financial matters. With 25 years’ experience and specialization in taxation, Torres provides a breakdown of tax requirements for the fiscal year. Taxes 101 is a comprehensive and easy to follow course, ensuring you know everything there is to know about state regulated tax in less than an hour!

As a reputable tax attorney and financial expert, Hortencia Torres has managed to assist thousands of clients, from individuals to businesses, in achieving tax compliance and financial success.
Hortencia Torres is a well-recognized veteran tax attorney and provides updated federal regulation. Modified tax regulations can leave unsuspecting clients at the mercy of the law. Ms. Torreshas focused much of her efforts and experience on ways tokeep clients up to date of such changes and how this may affect personal taxation and finances.

Hortencia Torres is theManaging Partner of Global Law, PLLC and Founder, President and CEO of Global Tax and Global Financial Enterprises. With more than 20 years of experience in U.S. and international tax law, Ms. Torres focuses on presenting clients with a complete breakdown of tax laws from preparation to financial planning.

Having initiated the success of GlobalTax, a tax preparation and financial services business, Ms. Torres has assisted more than 11 000 clients in tax law and financial matters. Providing solutions for both the individual client and small business to major corporations, Ms. Torres has contributed to the growth of the start-up to achieve the multi-state operation, with an incredible 11 offices, that stands today.


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