Domestic and International Taxation

Domestic and

Individual & Estate Income Tax Planning

Global Law works to help you achieve your financial objectives while maximizing tax advantages through individual income and estate tax planning. The path to achieving your financial goals is not always as straight and smooth as you would like. With our thorough knowledge of the complex legal landscape you face, Global Law is the partner you need to help you steer clear of any surprises and pitfalls that may happen along your journey. We provide a variety of services tailored to meet your specific planning needs and reach your financial goals.

International and Domestic Tax Planning and Compliance

Day in and day out we work with individuals who are subject to tax laws around the world. If your transaction involves a personal investment, we can help you structure it to achieve the best results under federal, state, local and international tax laws. Our experience in advanced tax planning includes worldwide tax minimization, tax treaty benefits, foreign tax credits, FATCA and FBAR compliance.

Tax Controversy & Audit Representation

At Global Law, we understand the stress that coincides with a tax audit, IRS or State, civil or criminal investigation. If you have been chosen as a subject of a tax audit, contact us today. We have been helping individuals resolve tax issues for 20 years. We can reduce, and in some cases, eliminate tax debt. Global Law can be trusted to defend the rights of clients both before the IRS and state taxing authorities. If the issue cannot be resolved during an audit, we have routinely taken controversies before the United States Tax Court, achieving favorable results for our clients.

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