Non profit Organizations


Our professional tax services are not limited to profit-driven organizations, our esteemed clients also include non-profit organizations. Therefore if you head one or considering starting up, don’t hesitate to contact us as we can help you.

​​The IRS as an authority, every year requests form 990 and other related documents from most non-profit organization exempted from paying tax. In the same vein, we have the professional capacity to assist you to organize and constantly update the non-profit tax-exempt status of your organization. This we achieve as we handle the IRS reporting for your organization.

The IRS also utilizes many distinct income and expenditures categories to ascertain if your establishment will maintain being exempted from tax as a non-profit organization. Therefore, it becomes important to develop, organize your accounting system in a manner that revolves around these income and expenditure categories.

It is always our pleasure to assist you with any of these items whenever the need arises.

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