Can I Claim my Spouse as dependent?

spouse as dependent

Can I claim my spouse as dependent in my tax return?

We often get this question from our clients.

Many times, customers come and demand that their partner must be dependent arguing that:

“My wife doesn’t work so she is my dependent.” You have to put her as a dependent.

Well, that’s not possible! The answer is no…

It might seem fair to you that your partner qualify as a dependent if you are the only provider in your family.

But who said taxes are fair?

Dependent Spouse?

The reason why you can’t file your spouse as a dependent is very simple: when the wife or husband does not work, regardless of whether he has income or not.

He/she is your spouse, which is not the same as dependent!

But then, what is a dependent?

What is a Dependent?

The definition of dependent is very simple: Any other person except the wife.

The IRS is clear about it: “Your spouse is never considered your dependent.

In Tax terms, a dependent meets the criteria of being a child or a qualified family member of the taxpayer. He has the right to claim it as a personal exemption on his tax return to reduce his taxable income.

Before, even though you can’t claim your wife as a dependent, before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act took effect, you could include your spouse as a personal exemption under some circumstances.

But not anymore. Now personal exemptions are gone.

And besides that…

File jointly may be a better option

The more favorable bracket is when you file together.

If you put your wife or husband as a dependent – which is not correct.

You should file him/she as head of household.

And then you have a lower standard deduction and this might not suit you.

Your best alternative would be as married filing jointly.

Filing Jointly

When you file a joint return, you add the combined income in the same return.

But, making a joint file requires the mutual consent and signature of both spouses, and there could be circumstances under neither wants to do it.

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