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End of year tax planning

End of the year tax planning tips and options

The holiday season is our favorite time of the year because its the time previous to the tax season begins. It works…
taxable income

Taxable Income: Key concept for your tax calculations

Taxable income it’s a subject you’ll face at least once a year – even more if you file your taxes quarterly. However,…
2 million ITIN will expire on 2019

2 million ITIN will expire in 2019: Renew yours now

Around 2 million ITIN (Individual Identification Numbers) of taxpayers will expire at the end of 2019, the IRS informed on June. The…
what to expect during a tax audit

What to expect during a tax audit from the IRS

You’ve been selected by the IRS but you don’t know what to expect during a tax audit? Don’t worry, we got you…
Plan and budget your estimated taxes

Estimated Taxes: Plan and budget how to do yours

Make sure to pay your estimated taxes and avoid penalties that will affect your budget. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)…

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