Hortencia Torres, Esq.

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Hortencia Torres, Esq.

Managing Partner

The esteemed tax attorney and financial expert, Hortencia Torres is the Managing Partner of Global Law, PLLC and Founder, President and CEO of Global Tax and Global Financial Enterprises. With more than 25 years’ experience in the field of tax law, preparation and planning and bookkeeping, Ms. Torres has made significant professional strides in the growth and the advancement of her firm but also in the academic field. Hortencia Torres is the president and the main instructor of the specialized tax courses offered through the Global Tax business.

As a veteran tax attorney, Ms. Torres has earned her title as a tax specialist and expert. Having developed in-depth knowledge of both U.S. and international tax laws, Hortencia Torres has assisted thousands of clients in the comprehension and successful application of taxes. Whether personal or business taxation, individuals and large organizations have sought her advice and directions to achieve successes!

Global was the brainchild of Ms. Torres. The business started as a basic tax planning and preparation service with bookkeeping and financial accounting. It soon expanded to represent the multi-state operation with 11 offices that it has become today. The company has seen over 11 000 clients walk through its doors.

For individuals and businesses seeking reliable and professional tax advice, Hortencia Torres is an expert in her own right. Having worked collaboratively with entrepreneurs to major corporations, her comprehensive approach and high standard of professionalism have contributed to her reputation as the best in taxation and financial management.
Born in Venezuela, Hortencia Torres moved to the United States where she pursued her entrepreneurship and developed her impeccable business skills. Ms. Torres has always remained passionate about law and assisting both people and businesses with their taxes and financial practices. Her local and international business prowess and operational experience are testament to her exceptional standards of expertise in taxes and finances. Hortencia Torres’s skills extend to profit and loss management, multi-channel product distribution, and the facilitation of acquisitions. Her capabilities and knowledge base have allowed her to deliver precision positioning and strategic planning with both startup and established organizations.

Not only has Hortencia Torres established her professional reputation in individual and business taxes but also as a professional public speaker, covering topics from taxes to economics.
Hortencia Torres has developed a formidable reputation in the tax and business management sectors. Her diverse professional and educational background has contributed to her determination, leadership and expertise in every project undertaking. Motivated by a need to make a difference in the lives of her clients concerning tax, Ms. Torres has introduced tax curriculum and detailed academic program. The course offers complete breakdowns of taxes for ease of comprehension and compliance.

Her role in Global includes the continued legal representation of tax matters for all sized businesses. While tax is her area of specialty, Ms. Torres extends her knowledge base to tax reports, tax planning, and the creation of cost-effective tax plans for business.

Able to manage the most complex professional situations to providing comprehensive client support, Hortencia Torres has proven her weight in gold as a true expert in taxes, business advancement and economics.

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